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Our design excursion this week is looking at arranging shapes in a linear fashion


We explore shapes arranged in a balanced way this week

for Mothers Day! Many statement pieces half price - and half of the sale price goes to Blazeaid 

when shapes are arranged randomly an energy occurs

arranging shapes from big to small creates perspective and distance

we explore arranging shapes in grids this week

We have Easter cards available on line - or at Hudsons Coffee shop Pindara hospital

Over the next few weeks our design excursion is arranging shapes- this week is to create a rhythm

the last of our emotional excursions is grey this week

Start Autumn seeing the effects of violet!

We explore the emotional impact of brown as Summer draws to an end

some of our lines and shapes have dressed up for Easter! See our greeting cards at Hudsons Coffee shop Pindara Hospital on the Gold Coast

Black provides a perfect contrast to other colours - enhancing them and not detracting

we explore the emotional impact of red this week

see how green makes you feel!

We have Valentines cards in the Hudsons coffee shop at Pindara Hospital, Gold Coast! At a special price of $10.00

$1.00 still goes to Blaizeaide

use midnight blue to create a relaxed feel

add some yellow to create a happy mood!

this weekwe warm up with warmer colours!

We start the year cooling down! Our design excursion is cold colours