2022 design - trends


SAND dune SKY sea

curves and soft naturals

creating a safe retreat

We have chosen 4 beach themes for 2022 - see bottom of page for past trends

2022 trends - SCHEME 1 - WATER BLUES

the colours of water will flow into interiors this year. Reflective metallic, to stained satin timbers.

Bleached timber is still evident - but chocolate and walnut colours create a contrasting feel.

Exposed timber beams add a rustic homely feel.

Blocks of white create an impact. Add a collection of black and white pieces framed in thick white frames.

Handmade tiles, fabrics and artwork continue to give a homely retreat feel.

2022 trends - SCHEME 2 - BEACH SAND

butter and soft sandy colours, including the taupe shadows with pops of greys, pale blues

Or add contrasting greens, dark browns and black 

Bleached timber with sand, taupe and a pop of sunset pink

or contrasting pops of blue/grey, or black or chocolate bring a more dramatic feel.

2022 trends -SCHEME 3 -  DUNES

the greens of the sand dunes bring a lush feeling of nature to your space!

2022 trends 

the greens of the sand dunes bring a lush feeling of nature to your space!

Add chocolate brown, or dark greys to create a warm space,

or use pale slate blue or white to create a retreat from hot beach days.

2022 trends -


bright pops of orange and fuscia

curved furniture and small art collections make spaces feel homely.

Special handcrafted décor pieces and artworks break the solid colours.

add hand crafted textured pieces

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