We are concerned about what we leave for future generations of Australians.

The skills that have taken generations to perfect, need to be preserved and continued to be developed. So many companies are not here, or have had to evolve in a destructive manner.

There are many highly knowledgeable people who have embraced technology and are thriving in cyberspace. They are working 24/7, and producing great quantities of things that end up in landfill. They do not have time to stop and enjoy life.

There are also many who are ‘hiding’ in real space, with real designs, and hands on talent. Many items take so long to make, they are unproductive and are not realised.

Our children are not playing. They are not learning how to problem solve, how to create and how to make. A DESIGN EXCURSION encourages designers and fine artists to stop; and indulge in spending time creating items, telling the story of how they created their concept, so that future generations have an insight about these skills.

We support networking, and helping each other, and encourage everyone to work together. Those without internet presence can concentrate on what they do well, and we can also support those who are technologically sound.

We feel that these products are made with devoted effort and time, and those who purchase them will also spend valuable time enjoying them.

At the same time we are supporting Australians – from the producer to the consumer.