Please join experienced Australian Designers, Fine Artists, Manufactures, and Craftsmen on A DESIGN EXCURSION.

See how & why items are created - explore the design evolution - and  how you can experience each piece.

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OUR DESIGN EXCURSION THIS WEEK IS EXPLORING adding subtracting shapes from each other
JOIN US as we explore subtractingarrangements  as we blog about paint, light, decorate and fashion.

More about what we do......

Designers share their stories. The process of the creation of products is shared as new owners indulge in quality Australian designed and Australian made items.

Products are available for those who admire craftsmanship, support Australian industry, and want to own something distinctive.

All items available on “A DESIGN EXCURSION” site are a unique, one-off, or a limited edition, and made in Australia.

We currently are continuing to design, connect, create, and perfect our products ready for you to enjoy.

We encourage Australian artists to keep creating! Networking enables communication and inspiration.

Original artwork and designs are used to create art prints, wallpaper, greeting cards, and even jigsaw puzzles!

Please contact us to discuss your favorite designs, and how we can bring them to your space. 

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity with the design excursion explained. 

Special times have special boxes curated for you.


All our products are designed and made in Australia. From our second Birthday - 2nd October 2017,  100% of the materials to create our new pieces are sourced from Australian produced product.

We have curated boxes of greeting cards, or you can select designs individually. We also offer the opportunity to create custom printing inside.

We can curate a gift box with a colour theme.

Our boxes, tags, wrapping paper, cellophane bags,and stationary are made in Australia, using environmentally friendly materials.

We are also encouraging the use of recycled materials.

Our goal is to encourage Australians to share their creations.

This includes our rural community which could often thrive by thinking about diversity. 

Its all about 'slow style' not 'fast fashion'!

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